Hammer drilling is the most widely used drilling method that allows to drill in any soil conditions, starting soft ground to very hard ground, including granite. With this technology, a steel sleeve pipe can be placed directly into the soil, which can also be used as a pipe.

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To use Hammer drilling can be builded different pipelines, like:  

  • Oil and gas;
  • water;
  • Pressure and self-flow;
  • Rain water;
  • cable;
  • drainage routes;
  • Problematic soils (including so-called blind endings).

Hammer drilling without end pit can be used in problematic soil conditions where metal sleeve pipe will be installed so, that drilling will be done in one side and no needed end pit. This method will be used if there is no other possibilities to install the pipes in the ground.

Hammer drilling can be carried out with:

  • Diameter starting from 219mm up to 1220mm
  • Lenght starting from 6m up to 90m

Hammer drilling has advantages to tunneling in relation of larger diameter pipelines as follows:

  • Faster installation
  • Starting and end pits are cheaper
  • Hammer drilling system passes through all the soils.