Eesti Horisontaalpuur OÜ offers two types of Auger drillings:

  • Auger-perforator drilling (diameter starting 160mm up to 711mm and length starting from 30m up to 100m)
  • Auger drilling (diameter starting 800mm up to 2300mm and length starting from 30m up to 120m)

Mainly the difference between auger and auger-perforator drilling machine is that auger-perforator machine is used to drill smaller diameters, including drilling of self-flow pipes, where laser control system can achieve the highest preciseness of the sleeve pipe or directly installed pipe.

However, a larger auger drill machine does not have a laser control system and drills larger diameters.

The ideal condition for the auger drilling is soft soil, where the drill lengths are already up to 120 meters (depending on the soil), and it is possible to install and renovate also self-flow pipelines.

Technological description PDF


  1. Preparation:
  • The project and geology are very important,
  • Starting and reception pit excavation

– The most important in the starting pit is the bottom of the frame and back wall. The bottom of the pit have to be digged exact height and inclination and also the pit have to be secured with s strong back wall that must to handle up to 700 tons of pressure.

– Starting pit lenght have to be between 13-19 m and width 5m

  1. Installation of machinery
  • Excavator for digging and/or lifting
  • The frame of the machine and machine itself will be installed in the starting pit according the lenght and inclination that is given by customer. In the starting pit back wall will be secured by customer.
  • The screw conveyor will be placed in the sleeve
  1. Metal sleeve drilling
  • The prepared metal sleeve will be connected to machine with force
  • After the first sleeve is drilled, the machine will be pulled back on the frame to the starting pit and will be added the new conveyors to each other
  1. End of the drilling
  • After the drilling is completed, all the conveyors are pulled out of the tube into the starting pit and opened one by one
  • The drill head will be disconnected
  • The remaining machinery will be lifted out from the pit
  • Sleeve will be cleaned from the soil
  • The job is ready and the pipe can be installed on the metal sleeve.

Shortly, auger drilling is tehnology where metal sleeve will be pressed by force to the soil by using machine on the frame. The drillbit infront have to be same diameter as the metal sleeve pipe (to avoid rocks in to the conveyor that may block the system and may cause soil subsidence).

Before starting the drilling should be setted up drilling direction and inclination, because during the drilling is not possible to make changes like directional drilling. After the pipe is installed the drillhead will be removed and the conveyors will be pulled back and same time conveyors will clean the sleeve from soil. After that will be installed to the sleeve pipe that is planned.